deborah radoff

Being a potter is actually my third career. Initially, I was an interior designer. My family dominated my middle years, but I still managed to stay involved in design. While my children were growing up, I developed passions for painting with watercolors and cooking. I still cook often, but now I make pottery in which I cook and serve my creations. Recently, I moved my studio into my home, which I share with my two dogs, Tucker and Maggie, along with Bogie the cat. Fifteen years ago, I took my first pottery course; it was something I always wanted to try.

Since then, there has been a steady development and unfolding of my artistic evolution. It has become a vehicle for navigating the course from my inward thoughts to my outward expression. I have come to realize that what is most important to me is the feeling a piece of pottery expresses, through its form, color and energy. Although my work does not relate to a specific subject, I am certain that my environment, my everyday experiences, and the things I love make slow, constant impressions on me and unconsciously find their way into my work. I work with contrasting elements, smooth vs. textured surfaces, glazed vs. unglazed areas and controlled vs. altered forms. My pots are created for the home, to serve food and drink, to be used and loved.

Join me for the 9th annual open studio event taking place November 16 and 17, 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. You can find directions here.

Hand Built Bowls and Platters